Thursday, March 17, 2016

National Ninja League Finals - Stage Two

Stage 2 is upon us! Twenty-Two men cleared stage 1 and now must take on a more challenging course with a strict time limit. How many people will reach the final stage?

National Ninja League Website
Movement Lab Website

0:20 Bobby Zavala
2:17 Andrew Karsen
3:52 Viktor Bohorquez
5:46 Kevin O'Connor
7:31 Sean Noel
9:19 Chris DiGangi
11:03 Jo Jo Bynum
13:02 Seth Rogers
14:06 Mike Bernardo
15:18 Eric Vanderbeck
16:23 Michael Torres
18:23 Travis Rosen
19:28 Dave Cavanagh
20:26 Perry Oosterlee
22:29 Jon Stevens
23:42 Geoff Britten
25:51 Jordan Kauffman
27:33 Joe Moravsky
29:24 Jackson Word
30:29 Josh Cook
32:19 Drew Drechsel
34:15 Cody Cappola
35:23 Results

Note: If you competed in the NNL and would like the raw video file of your run, feel free to message me.

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