Sunday, March 13, 2016

National Ninja League Finals - Stage One Group Three

Stage 1 of the National Ninja League Finals continues! In group 3, we see some amazing performances, some close calls, and one amazing spill!

National Ninja League Website
Movement Lab Website

0:20 Ryan Candace
0:40 Jennifer Little
1:08 Colleen James
1:26 Mia Lazarewicz
2:12 Chris DiGangi
4:52 Brett Sims
6:14 Chris Boehm
9:04 April Beckner
9:36 Brandi Monteverde
10:01 Brant Axt
12:35 Arnold Hernandez
15:31 Jordan Kauffman
17:54 Amanda Cass
18:14 Sofia Lysenko
18:38 Moe Johnson
18:56 Nicole Martinez
19:18 Sean DH
21:17 Bobby Zavala
24:23 Andrew Horner
26:16 Mike McKenzie
28:03 Results

Note: If you competed in the NNL and would like the raw video file of your run, feel free to message me.

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