Saturday, March 12, 2016

National Ninja League Finals - Stage One Group Two

The National Ninja League Finals continue with Group 2! How many people will join the previous three clears in stage 2?

National Ninja League Website
Movement Lab Website

0:20 Becca Tracey
0:53 Rachel Rodriquez
1:14 Dayna Fisher
1:38 Courtney Venuti
1:59 Perry Oosterlee
4:39 Greg Schwartz
5:53 Matt Illgenfritz
6:12 Eve Stein
6:38 Stephanie Andrews
7:02 Michael Torres
9:31 Casey Suchocki
11:51 Max Maisonneuve
13:46 Aaron Himelright
15:49 Trina Lisko
16:03 Meliling Huang
16:27 Lucas Reale
18:14 Colton Sieber
20:33 Naj Richardson
22:19 Sean Bryan
24:59 Brad Martin
25:32 Results

Note: If you competed in the NNL and would like the raw video file of your run, feel free to message me.

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