Friday, March 11, 2016

National Ninja League Finals - Stage One Group One

The first of six groups of competitiors to take on Stage One of the National Ninja League finals! Of the 142 people who competed, how many will move on to stage two? Throughout this series, you will get full coverage from the competition, featuring every run from the entire weekend.

National Ninja League Website
Movement Lab Website

0:20 Nick Patelli
3:16 Scott Wilson
4:17 Jess Brown
4:41 Zoie Burgess
4:59 Lauren Tauer
5:25 Joseph Roselo
6:51 Reko Rivera
8:21 Jimmy Bogle
10:40 Eric Vanderbeck
13:29 Todd Mitchell
14:41 Lisa Wright
14:57 Katie Tennant
15:16 Nichelle Simon
15:57 Abby Trader
16:38 Viktor Bohorquez
19:20 Mike Chick
21:31 Eric Perales
23:48 Christian DeRubeis
25:45 Henry Ferrin
28:14 ___ Hart
28:35 MJ Ma
28:53 Tina Khowaylo
29:08 Derk Mathews
32:00 Nathan Burkhalter
34:44 Sean Noel
37:27 Adam Grossman
40:21 Scott Morrison
43:25 Results

Note: If you competed in the NNL and would like the raw video file of your run, feel free to message me.

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