Tuesday, March 15, 2016

National Ninja League Finals - Stage One Group Five

With two thirds of Stage 1 already done, some of the best ninja competitors have arrived to take on the course. How many more will move on to Stage 2?

National Ninja League Website
Movement Lab Website

0:20 Myra Lam
0:44 Brynn Pasche
1:04 Kaela Nisbet
1:30 Shannon Mullholand
1:55 Yancy Quezada
3:39 Neil Craver
5:56 Andrew Karsen
8:55 Alex Krumland
10:40 Darren Wojckiki
13:34 Maggie Thorne
14:52 Kirsti Pratt
15:29 Kim Wienches
15:51 Colt Klein
17:32 Seth Rogers
20:07 Josh Cook
22:25 Jeff Tan
24:25 Drew Drechsel
26:59 Barclay Stockett
27:19 Marybeth Wang
27:45 Jenny Lawler
28:10 Michelle Warnky
28:42 Annika Nieshalla
29:03 Dave Cavanagh
31:34 Mike Bernardo
34:31 Dan Galiczynski
36:11 Results

Note: If you competed in the NNL and would like the raw video file of your run, feel free to message me.

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