Friday, October 7, 2016

Final Stage Podcast Episode 18: VIKING!!! (And ANW, I guess)

Before Ninja Warrior debuted on G4, ESPN began airing a different obstacle course show from the same people producing Sasuke at the time. That show was called Viking. With marine themed courses and many familiar faces, join William and Arsenette as they talk about the original, family and celebrity versions of Viking, featuring runs from Nagano, Yamada, Akiyama, Yamamoto, Sato, Komiya, HG, and even The Octopus! Now that I think about it, having The Octopus compete on a nautical theme obstacle course makes a lot of sense. No wonder he did better on that show.

Also, we talk about the finale of ANW 8, Esquire's Ninja Warrior marathon, and more!