Friday, March 30, 2018

National Ninja League Season 3 Finals: Stage 1 Part 15

We have reached the end of Stage 1! This is it! How many more people will join the massive number of clears?

Competitor List:

0:26 Michael Torres
1:25 Matthew Van Brunscot
3:12 Karter Ohlson
4:23 Jesse Labreck
5:30 Mike Ravert
6:32 Drew Drechsel
8:12 Jake Murray
9:52 Judas Licciardello
10:48 Kyle Soderman
11:16 Eli Chevalier
13:02 Abby Clark
14:57 Rachael Goldstein
16:19 Allyssa Beird
17:49 Rachel Brown
19:05 Mckinley Pierce

(Note: If you want a copy of your run, feel free to message me and I'll send you the raw video file.)

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