Wednesday, March 28, 2018

National Ninja League Season 3 Finals: Stage 1 Part 13

There are so many top names in this part, I couldn't fit them all in the title of this video on YouTube. Sorry Andrew!

Competitor List:

0:26 Joseph Meissner
1:12 Sean Noel
3:02 Zanny Henseler
4:38 Katie Tennant
5:07 Andrew Karsen
6:58 Sophia Oster
8:35 Najee Richardson
10:28 Eric Sheppard
12:13 Zach Day
13:59 Zhanique Lovett
15:59 Tyler Gillett
17:48 Nikki Perella
18:21 Justin Cranmer
20:09 Ethan Farkas

(Note: If you want a copy of your run, feel free to message me and I'll send you the raw video file.)

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