Thursday, May 24, 2018

Ninja vs Ninja 2018 Review: Wild Card Match 2 (The Ultimate Fast Forward)

It's part 2 of the wild card matches! We have a lot of matches but not a lot of time! Time to speed through 4 matches in 1 episode! William gives his thoughts on the super packed episode of Ninja vs Ninja!

Teams featured in this episode of Ninja vs Ninja:

Hazard Brigade: Mike Bernardo, Grace Sims, and Michael Needham
Wolfpack: Ian Dory, Jeri D’Aurelio, and Dan Yager
Beasts from the East: James McGrath, Erica Cook, and Dave Cavanagh
Wisco Warriors: Drew Knapp, Andrew Philibeck, and Christine Ahn (replacing Sara Heesen)
Big Dog Ninjas: Jody Avila, Brandi Monteverde, and Josh Salinas
Hashtag Ninjas: Nicholas Coolridge, Larissa Cottle, and Jesse La Flair
The Ballers: Lorin Ball, Paul Kasemir, and Meiling Huang
Three Wishes: Thomas Stillings, Brittany Hanks, and Geoff Lancaster (replacing Brian Burkhardt)

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