Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ninja vs Ninja 2018 Review: Wild Card Match 1 (Let's Bungee Wrestle!)

The wild card round has begun! Now that the show is nearing its end, Ninja vs Ninja needs to fill those 7 remaining spots really fast! Join William as he breaks down the first three matches of the teams who got a second chance!

Teams featured in this episode of Ninja vs Ninja:

Lizard Kings: Hunter Guerard, Sarah Schoback, and Kyle Soderman
Midwest Muscle: Tyler Yamauchi, Kirsti Pratt, & Ethan Swanson
Frostbite: Nick Hanson, Zhanique Lovett, and Jackson Meyer
All-American Ninjas: Reko Rivera (replacing Jonathan Horton), April Steiner Bennett, and Paul Hamm
Team Dark Horse: Lance Pekus, Tammy McClure, and Karson Voiles
NorCal Ninjas: David Campbell, Anna Shumaker, and Brian Kretsch

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