Saturday, August 6, 2016

Final Stage Podcast Episode 16: Sasuke 32 Review and Ninja Warrior Returns to the US!

Sasuke 32 has come and gone, but not everything is right in the world. We break down what happen with show and discuss what worked, and what didn't.

Also, we talk about the Ultimate Crazy Cliffhanger, American Ninja Warrior's Emmy nomination, the Olympics, sewage, William's AnimeNext panel, the new Final Stage, rain, Spartans, physics and more crazy things. And, oh yea, SASUKE IS COMING BACK TO THE US!

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Arsenette: Twitter - Rambling Rican - YouTube - Instagram

Show notes:
0:33 Intro
1:30 Spartan: Ultimate Warrior discussion
7:42 Recap of William's Sasuke 32 Live Preshow
13:58 William made an appearance on a podcast discussing BattleBots!
16:17 William says nice things about ANW 8
22:36 History of American Ninja Challenge
25:48 ANW 8, Olympics talk, and Kamikaze shots!
30:21 William's AnimeNext panel video is up!
40:47 Arsenette talks about her month and the vlogs she uploaded.
52:44 Sasuke is coming back to US television! Esquire will air old and new episodes of Ninja Warrior.
1:09:02 Sasuke 32 talk start
1:15:51 Is Sasuke 32 like Sasuke 8?
1:17:56 The wet weather conditions
1:28:13 Day 2 of filming
1:37:13 Shunsuke Nagasaki was actually shown!
1:43:33 Kenji Darvish and Kenji Takahashi's bad luck with the weather
1:50:43 William gives a physics lesson with the Tackle
2:01:07 Figuring out where people failed & the final stage
2:15:33 Makoto Nagano's final run
Message to fans
2:33:15 Stage 2. That was a thing.
2:46:55 Stage 3 and the Ultimate Crazy Cliffhanger was cleared by Drew Drechsel!
2:57:25 How did Reina Akiyama, Grace Mineta, Jin, & Perry Oosterlee do?
3:02:10 Sasuke 33 confirmed, the changes in the future & ANW's Emmy nomination
3:12:07 The response to women in ANW and Sasuke (also, Jun Sato)
3:17:55 How tough is the Ultimate Crazy Cliffhanger & Vertical Limit Kai combo?
3:21:20 What about Drew in the future?
3:25:27 What was the Japanese response to the Americans?
3:33:11 Final thoughts
3:46:04 Closing

Music Credits:
by: Isaac Wilkins

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