Friday, July 1, 2016

Final Stage Podcast Episode 15: Sasuke 32 Preview Show!

Sasuke 32 is almost here! Let's talk about it at great length! We talk about the new obstacles from Stage 3 and answer YOUR questions!

Also, William recounts the details of his very first panel and we tell you what time Sasuke is airing in your timezone!

William: Twitter - TwoDashTwo - TwoTwentyTwo Productions

Arsenette: Twitter - Rambling Rican - YouTube - Instagram

Show notes:
0:32 Intro
4:04 Recap of William's very first panel at AnimeNext!
26:44 Update on Arsenette's videos and projects
28:39 Airdates for the Sasuke Navi, Sasuke 32, and Nico Nico Livestream!
37:30 Early history of some of the All Stars
44:17 Wednesday Downtown's Sasuke/Super Mario Maker crossover featuring Akiyama and Yamada!
58:42 Yamada 360 videos on YouTube
1:01:48 Yatsui Festival Recap
1:05:07 Stage 3's new obstacles! (+ Full obstacle list)
Drum Hopper Kai
Ultimate Crazy Cliffhanger
Vertical Limit Kai
Viewer questions!
1:32:19 "Were you disappointed about Stage 2 not being given a huge overhaul?"
1:35:40 "What was it like to finally meet Texan in Tokyo in real life?"
1:39:39 "Do you think the course would look much better with a higher budget?"
1:39:59 "What is your favourite new obstacle?"
1:43:35 "Did the weather/scheduling changes raise tensions for the competitors moreso this year than any average tournament you'd say?"
1:46:54 "What about not inviting Geoff Britten but inviting Brent Steffensen?"
1:49:29 "Do you like the increased number of Foreigners competing in Sasuke 32? Would you like to see more or less? Any specific people?"
1:54:35 "How did it feel to spend time with the all stars? Also did you have any funny moments with Shingo at all?"
1:55:59 "Did you talk to the Americans at all, and if so what did you talk about?"
1:57:35 "How far does Will think nagano will get and hope how far he gets?"
1:59:06 "Do you think ANW does a better job giving exposure to female competitors then SASUKE?"
2:05:14 "Would you elaborate on your experience at Japanese Denny's?"
2:07:02 "All-Stars excepted, if you could pick someone to come back, a la Shunsuke Nagasaki, who would you personally choose?"
2:14:05 "What is your favorite obstacle, past or present and why is it the Circle Slider and/or Arm Bike?"
2:30:23 Closing

Music Credits:
"Bridge 3 Far"
by: Isaac Wilkins

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