Friday, August 7, 2015

Final Stage Podcast Episode 04: Obstacle Course Obstacle Discussion

With Sasuke 31 set in stone, it's time to reflect and debate on one of the most important parts of Sasuke: the obstacles themselves! Join William and Arsenette as they go through every single obstacle and discuss which obstacles should stay and which should be removed for good. Will our hosts agree on everything? Of course not! That's what makes it fun!

Also, William has an extensive talk about the revival season of BattleBots. Yes, that actually happened and yes, it relates to ANW somehow.

William: Twitter - TwoDashTwo - TwoTwentyTwo Productions

Arsenette: Twitter - Rambling Rican - YouTube - Instagram

Show notes:
0:20 Intro
0:58 What's been going on this past month?
14:50 William discusses BattleBots and how it relates to ANW
35:34 Why ABC decided to revive BattleBots after 13 years
38:24 Update on Wipeout Extreme
40:23 Sasuke 31 obstacle discussion start!
44:28 Rolling Hill
46:53 Log Grip
48:44 Music Box
51:06 Jump Hang Kai
54:40 Tackle
57:12 Warped Wall
1:01:51 Tarzan Rope
1:03:01 Lumberjack Climb
1:05:40 Stage One overall
1:10:00 Cross Slider
1:14:17 Salmon Ladders (Up & Down)
1:22:50 Spider Walk & Spider Drop
1:26:27 Backstream
1:30:10 Wall Lift
1:38:01 Stage Two overall
1:38:34 Stage Three
1:40:11 Drum Hopper
1:44:23 Iron Paddler
1:49:50 Sidewinder
1:56:23 Crazy Cliffhanger
1:09:01 Vertical Limit
2:10:10 Pipe Slider
2:18:30 Final Stage
2:30:05 Closing

Music Credits:
by: Taylor Grover

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