Friday, July 10, 2015

Final Stage Podcast Episode 03: So Sasuke 31 Happened...

Sasuke 31 is here! And it's good! Join us as we discuss all the happenings of the latest Sasuke tournament, including the awesome 1st Stage, the awesome 2nd Stage, the awesome 3rd Stage, the awesome Final Stage, and, of course, Wreath Man!

Sasuke 31 was really good, you guys.

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Show notes:
0:53 Intro
2:22 Sasuke 31 initial reactions
4:09 Spolier Warning!
6:13 Arsenette's AnimeNext Sasuke panel postmortem
8:38 The beginning of the show
12:11 #Sasuke trended worldwide on Twitter! (Also, TV ratings were good!)
18:45 The success of Kenji Darvish and the show's editing with celebrities and fan favorites
27:30 The rise of Wreath Man, Anastase Ragivaru!
41:28 The addition of the lottery audience
42:12 Roller Hill discussion
45:48 Celebrity commentary and production discussion
49:36 Tackle vs Makoto Nagano, Yuuji Urushihara, and Ryo Matachi
1:05:37 Kenji Takahashi is 39 and doesn't show it
1:07:39 Should the Crazy Cliffhanger be replaced or modified?
1:09:58 Drew Drechsel's 1st of 2 attempts on the Crazy Cliffhanger (yes, you read that right)
1:16:02 Jin Cheen-Howng's questionable departure from Stage 2.
1:21:31 Wreath Man prior to Stage 3
1:23:37 Salmon Ladders discussion and other stage 2 talk
1:31:39 Music Box discussion
1:34:31 Log Grip and Side Winder bruising people
1:38:40 A woman (Ayano Oshima) made it to the top of the Warped Wall!
1:42:22 Yusuke Morimoto 3rd and Final Stage runs and why he is amazing
2:04:14 Final Sasuke 31 thoughts
2:14:55 Closing

Music Credits:
by: Isaac Wilkins

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