Wednesday, April 4, 2018

National Ninja League Season 3 Finals: Stage 2 Part 4

Stage 2 is more devastating than it's ever been before in National Ninja League history! Is it possible we'll finish with 0 clears?

Competitor List:

0:26 Eli Bell
2:45 Eli Chevalier
4:55 Hunter Guerard
7:22 Michael Silenzi
9:47 Zach Day
10:09 Derek Mathews
12:59 Grant Mccartney
13:39 Perry Oosterlee
16:04 Brett Sims
17:44 James McGrath
19:35 Thomas Stillings
22:32 Jake Baker
24:02 Jamie Rahn

(Note: If you want a copy of your run, feel free to message me and I'll send you the raw video file.)

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