Friday, November 17, 2017

Mercury Laboratories: The Complete Series

In honor of the ten year anniversary of the Mercury Laboratories, TwoTwentyTwo Productions presents the entire Mercury Laboratories, series neatly organized in one large convenient package. Each video is presented in its original format and editing, without any corruption that occurred on the original YouTube uploads.

Video Directory:
0:00 Test 1-1
9:57 Test 1-2
16:40 Test 1-3
19:56 Test 1 Bonus 1
22:14 Test 1 Bonus 2
23:53 Test 1 Bonus 3
26:11 Test 2-1
33:49 Test 2-2
40:54 Test 2-3
49:13 Test 2-4
56:21 Test 2-5
1:04:10 Test 3-1
1:13:06 Test 3-2
1:22:19 Test 3-3
1:28:44 Test 3-4
1:35:15 Test 3-5
1:43:21 Test 3-6
1:51:26 Test 3-7
2:01:17 Test 3 Bonus 1
2:03:01 Test 3 Bonus 2
2:06:44 Test 4-1
2:12:24 Test 4-2
2:15:27 Test 5-1
2:24:48 Test 6-1
2:35:40 Test 6-2
2:40:33 Test 6-3
2:49:16 Test 6 Bonus 1
2:51:37 Epilogue

Music credits (in order of appearance):

"-V- Desperation -V-"
By: ArisingFlame

by ZeRo-BaSs

"I Know Your Secret (Karaoke Version)"
By: Tay Zonday

"*RaVe UnLiMiTeD*"
By: ZeRo-BaSs

By: fishfood2021

"Victory Song!"
By: hereforrock

"*Drop The Base*"
By: ZeRo-BaSs

"On Patrol"
By: thatcomposerguy

"~cosmic calamity~"
By: darkmelee

By: Goatchrist

"What's your locoMOTIVE?"
By: thatcomposerguy

"*Angel Of Destiny*"
By: ZeRo-BaSs

Simple Sight (instrumental)
by: RealFaction

Heroes of War
by, Ben-Spurgin

Alarm Sector
by, ElectricalBypass

The Sound Of A Sunny Cloud
by, Hopeku

Last Breath
by, Marks-a-lot

Stadium Wave (Platinum Mix)
by: JohnnyFrizz

Adrenaline FX
by: axeFX

Chaoz Fantasy
by: ParagonX9

Hall of Retribution
by: Bjra

by: Elfire

Zboar's Anthem
by: RagingFlameOfHorror

-outpost theme-
by: Waterflame

Giants Among Men
by: thatcomposerguy

Shores of Hell
by: TecHCrom3

8Epidemic FX
by: axeFX

Alchemy FX
by: axeFX

Guide to Sophisticated Living
by: Hyper-Freak92

by: ZeRo-BaSs

Matrix BR
by: bitium-ribbon

=The Day Has Come=
by: Hades0013

Madness '08
by: Tx-Maniac-xT

Hell Is Where Her Heart Is
by: Lashmush

The Legend
by: ParagonX9 and KFNX

Wrecked By Déjà Vu
by: ApproachingNirvana

Clash of the Piano
by: gamerworld14

by: Nabil0192

Grind It
by: FarCryDX

Video Game Trailer
by: IcarusSong

When Darkness Ensues
by: Father-of-Death

*Forgotten Aura*
by: ZeRo-BaSs

Victory is Yours!
by: ImperfectDisciple

Victory! (8-bit Chiptune)
by: NickPerrin

dirty work
by: sergey eybog

by: ParagonX9

Fully Charged
by: mattuiop

-Ricochet Love-
by: Waterflame

survivor 3
by: sergey eybog


Psychedelica - Panic Pt.2
by: Tilkanuts

-It is a lie!-
by: Waterflame

The Final Chase
by: DjBjra

Adamant FX
by: axeFX

Summer Sunshine
by: DanceNation

by: ChrisisD

by: Waterflame

RPG - Final Battle
by: UltimaEpica

*Gimme Love*
by: ZeRo-BaSs

Aptly Named
by: Slashram

by: KTRECORDS and wyldfyre1

*Rave Beat*
by: ZeRo-BaSs

[All songs used are under a creative commons copyright and all proper owners have been credited.]

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