Friday, March 31, 2017

National Ninja League Season 2 Finals - Final Stage

It's the final stage! Only 17 competitors remain! Who will be the new National Ninja League champion?

Competitor List:

0:20 Mike McKenzie
3:08 Todd Bourgeois
6:16 Hunter Guerard
9:54 Seth Rogers
10:41 Ernest Phillips
14:34 Andrew Karsen
16:42 Jake Murray
19:31 Josh McMurray
21:48 Zach Day
23:57 Jon Stevens
26:10 Joe Moravsky
28:36 Alexander Mars
31:10 Mike Meyers
32:07 Kyle Soderman
34:13 Drew Drechsel

(Note: If you want a copy of your run, feel free to message me and I'll send you the raw video file.)


National Ninja League

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