Friday, February 3, 2017

Final Stage Podcast Episode 22: Kunoichi Is Back! Esquire Is Dead! Beastmaster has Arrived!

After 7.5 years of inactivity, Kunoichi 9 is finally here! William and Arsenette preview the newly revived show and all the new changes and obstacles the show features. Also, we get ready for Ultimate Beastmaster's debut on Netflix and discuss which two Sasuke competitors will be competing on the course. Unfortunately, we have to discuss the announced cancellation of the Esquire Network and what effect it may have on Sasuke and Ninja Warrior in the future.

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Show notes:
0:35 Intro
3:03 Arsenette's month and updates
4:45 William's month and updates
9:54 General news updates
11:54 Ultimate Beastmaster debuts on February 24th on Netflix! We discuss the format and latest trailer.
Viewer Questions Part 1:
32:21 Are the Ultimate Beastmaster episodes region specific?
38:08 Do you think Ultimate Beastmaster will threaten ANW's hold on the "Obstacle Course Show" in any meaningful way?
47:11 Do you wish to have any another Sasuke star to compete on Ultimate Beastmaster? If so, who?
49:20 Kacy Catanzaro appeared in a WWE ring. Wait, what?!
55:33 ANW 8 All Star Specail airs February 20th
1:02:20 Esquire Network is shutting down and will be repurposed as a digital platform. What does this mean for Sasuke/Ninja Warrior?
1:31:47 The Sasuke 33 auditions happened! The show tapes February 11th and 12th
Viewer Questions Part 2:
1:39:12 Do you think anyone will make it to the final stage for Sasuke 33?
1:46:39 Who do you hope will return for the 20th anniversary of SASUKE?
1:54:30 With Katsumi Yamada's return to Sasuke, what is un-ironically your favorite run of his?
2:00:16 Favorite style of Omori's hair?
2:03:58 Do you think there will be an American Ninja Warrior video game designed for the Nintendo Switch, XBOX One, & PS4?
2:07:45 Kunoichi 9 is coming February 12th! We break down the new course, look, and format.
Viewer Questions Part 3:
2:41:37 Was Ninja Warrior UK/Sasuke 1 an inspiration for Kunoichi 9 (because it's indoors)?
2:48:30 What do you hope to see in KUNOICHI 9? Final Stage?
2:49:44 We want that hoodie!
2:51:05 What do you think of the colors use for Kunoichi 9?
2:53:42 What are your personal expectations for Kunoichi 9?
2:54:27 What is your favorite/most notable Kunoichi failure?
3:00:20 What do you think the ratings for Kunpichi 9 will be?
3:02:21 Do you think Kunoichi would be better off with the three stage format?
3:06:09 Get ready for a lot of stuff these next two months!
3:07:56 Closing

Music Credits:
"Picture Panic v2"
by: Isaac Wilkins

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