Friday, May 6, 2016

Final Stage Podcast Episode 13: One Year Later, We're Climbing Mountains!

We did it! We managed to last a whole year! In celebration of this unprecedented event, we're going to be talking about mountains! Who doesn't love mountains? They're so big and rocky. Some even have snow on them! Let's just spend all future episodes talking about mountains!

Say, doesn't Sasuke take place on a mountain? We can talk about that as well.

William: Twitter - TwoDashTwo - TwoTwentyTwo Productions

Arsenette: Twitter - Rambling Rican - YouTube - Instagram

Show Notes:
0:32 Intro
2:24 Arsenette updates on her IndieGoGO and the future of her blog.
16:38 William personal updates and personal projects
27:41 The Sasuke 32 auditions and Nico Nico broadcast with Kouji Hashimoto!
37:00 2016 Maguro Festival
40:44 Sasuke Vietnam Season 2 and Ninja Warrior France taped
45:57 William's quick review of BBC One's "Can't Touch This"
50:52 Check out the Armchair Ninja Podcast
53:10 What is Arsenette looking forward to in Japan?
1:00:08 Sasuke 32 possibilities discussion
1:09:00 Closing

Music Credits:
by: Isaac Wilkins

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