Friday, April 8, 2016

Final Stage Podcast Episode 12: Look Who's Coming To Sasuke Vietnam

Sasuke Vietnam has recently started to tape and a plethora of international competitors are going to be competing! Join us as we discuss who's going. Also, we discuss the finale of Team Ninja Warrior, Ninja Warrior in the UK and put the National Ninja League to rest.

William: Twitter - TwoDashTwo - TwoTwentyTwo Productions

Arsenette: Twitter - Rambling Rican - YouTube - Instagram

Show Notes:
0:30 Intro
3:47 Final Stage Podcast has a website now
5:42 Arsenette's "State of Sasuke" series
13:48 Arsenette's IndieGoGo
21:03 William's personal stuff
25:44 The complete National Ninja League video series is up
43:37 Sasuke 32 applications are closed and Nico Nico update
51:10 Sasuke 28-30 aired in the UK
59:33 Sasuke Vietnam will include international competitors. We have the full list!
1:06:00 ANW 8 updates
Pinball Flippers
1:11:50 More Sasuke Vietnam discussion
Stage Two
Final Stage
1:20:26 Team Ninja Warrior Grand Finals
1:55:32 Two Questions! "So now that SASUKE 32 applications are open, who do you hope will be in the next tournament?"
Also, "Which obstacle from the past do you want back for Sasuke 32?"
2:13:51 Closing

Music Credits:
by: Isaac Wilkins

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