Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Catherine or Katherine?

So I got to play Catherine on the PS3 for about 2.5 hours yesterday and I have to say, I'm really impressed so far. The puzzle nightmare stages are addictively challenging and the story is interesting with an engaging play mechanic to allow the story to change. While at work, I couldn't help but wonder what Vincent's ultimate fate will be on my first play through. The game asks some really interesting questions and doesn't give you options where the end results are always obvious. That's why I want to see if, on my first play through, I'll end up with either Catherine or Katherine.

It's funny. You think you know yourself, but the options you end up choosing may not actually reflect who you currently are. The game very well could end up revealing some inner truths about yourself you didn't even know.

So, who do you think I'll end up with at the end of the game, Katherine (the girlfriend of five years) or Catherine (the younger new fling)? I'm currently about to begin night three and my morality meter is about in the middle, but slightly in the red.

Also, if you own Catherine I would love to hear which girl you ended up with at the end of your first play through. It'll be interesting to see the result. Just please refrain from posting spoilers so everyone can enjoy the game more.


  1. Personally, when I was playing the choices seemed obvious which would end up giving me good and which would give me bad morale.

  2. At the time a few choices surprised me with the results, especially the "Would you rather stand out or fit in?" question. After playing a bit more, I did find more choices where the results seem pretty obvious.

    I still think it's a great game though. The nightmare stages are especially addicting.