Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mercury Laboratories - Test 3-6: Escape III

Only four test subjects are left to take on the third stage. How many of them will make it to the final stage and be able to take on the Widow's Web?

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Music Credits:

-V- Desperation -V-
by: ArisingFlame

I Know Your Secret (Karaoke Version)
by: Tay Zonday

Wrecked By Déjà Vu
by: ApproachingNirvana

Clash of the Piano
by: gamerworld14

by: Nabil0192

Grind It
by: FarCryDX

by: fishfood2021

Victory Song!
by: Xarnor

*Drop The Base*
by: ZeRo-BaSs

[All songs used are under a creative commons copyright and all proper owners have been credited.]

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