Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mercury Laboratories - Test 3-4: Escape III

The second half of the second stage starts now. How will the remaining five test subjects fare? If I were you, I would watch and find out.

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Music Credits:

-V- Desperation -V-
by: ArisingFlame

I Know Your Secret (Karaoke Version)
by: Tay Zonday

Epidemic FX
by: axeFX

Alchemy FX
by: axeFX

Guide to Sophisticated Living
by: Hyper-Freak92

by: ZeRo-BaSs

Matrix BR
by: bitium-ribbon

by: fishfood2021

Victory Song!
by: Xarnor

*Drop The Base*
by: ZeRo-BaSs

[All songs used are under a creative commons copyright and all proper owners have been credited.]

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