Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Obstacle Lab: I Rebuilt My Destroyed Obstacle! (Heavenly Traverse)

One year ago, I destroyed the original version of my custom built Heavenly Traverse in a video because I made it out of wood and it broke. Now, the Heavenly Traverse has upgraded to metal and should not break under my own weight!

...I hope.

Anyway, for the inaugural episode of Obstacle Lab, join me as I test myself to see how many laps I can do on the Heavenly Traverse before I tire out. Hopefully I can beat my personal record!

Friday, September 14, 2018

American Ninja Warrior 10 Review: Las Vegas Stage 2, Stage 3, and Final Stage

It's the grand finale of American Ninja Warrior Season 10! Stage 2 features some brand new obstacle and a brand new time limit.

What. Could. Possibly. Go. WRONG???

Also, Stage 3 happened.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

American Ninja Warrior 10 Review: Las Vegas Stage 1, Part 2

It's the second half of Stage 1! The top competitors impress on the course and some new faces reach Stage 2 for the first time. William takes a closer look at why so many people failed the Double Dipper as well as how ANW should consider restructuring their safety precautions. He also takes a look at the course as a whole and goes over what changes he would make for next year.

Also, scorpions are consumed, records are broken and HOLY CRAP IS THAT NICHOLAS COOLRIDGE?!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

American Ninja Warrior 10 Review: Las Vegas Stage 1, Part 1

The National Finals have begun! The Midoriyama course has ascended in Las Vegas where 97 ninjas will attempt to take down its four stage course. For Stage 1, the course has some interesting new obstacles and some obstacles that need to go away. Join William as he breaks down the course as well as all the exciting clears and shocking failures!

Also, Jamie Rahn loses a shoe, multiple injuries are witnessed and the importance of knowing how much time is left on the clock!

Monday, August 27, 2018

American Ninja Warrior 10 Review: Minneapolis Finals

Nerfs. Nerfs everywhere. It's the final regional episode before the national finals. Who reaches the promised land? Join William as he breaks down the episode.

Also, some early exits, some weird edits, and Jon Alexis Jr stand above all both figuratively and literally!

American Ninja Warrior 10 Review: Philadelphia Finals

It's raining ninjas! William went to see the Philadelphia Finals live and, oh boy was there a lot of rain! Two women really impress on the course and the Lighting Bolts continue to strike.

Also, William talks about the Captain's Wheel, some shocking fails, and why he stood where he was that night.

Friday, August 24, 2018

American Ninja Warrior 10 Review: Indianapolis Finals

Holy cow! Did you see that? You know, the thing with the guy? It was very surprising. Join William as he discusses the surprising fails and happy successes of the Indianapolis Finals.

American Ninja Warrior 10 Review: Miami Finals

The Cannonball drop brought the heat in the Miami Finals! With great obstacles like the Crazy Clocks and the Stair Hopper, the course was straight fire.

However, William also has a serious discussion on spoilers and the way the show is edited. It's like the show is at odds with itself sometimes.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

American Ninja Warrior 10 Review: Dallas Finals

This episode sucked.

American Ninja Warrior 10 Review: Los Angeles Finals

The city finals round has begun! William talks about the dinosaur less Los Angeles Finals. The course featured a strong new obstacle with the Baton Pass and a super nerfed Doorknob Drop. William discusses the idea of course nerfs and why it's not a bad thing overall.

Also, William talks about why time is so important on the course and why the editing felt rushed at the end. Nick Hansen, Adam Rayl, and Sean Bryan got surprisingly little fanfare considering how good they are.